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What is the uniqueness of the service and its difference from others? 

Our team is specially trained to plan the best travel experiences from start to finish. We will assist you in creating a customized tour that aligns with your travel style, and even provide tips for packing and preparing for your trip. During your tour, our 24/7 Support department will be available to assist you at any time.

We offer you the opportunity to travel through Slovenia and neighboring European countries with confidence. By choosing to travel with us, you can expect concierge-level hospitality at reasonable prices. Our experts have collaborated with some of the world's leading companies in the hospitality and travel organization industry.

Ensuring quality is our top priority, which is why we carefully read every review we receive and make necessary updates. When crafting new itineraries, our team personally visits each destination to curate the best experiences. We engage with locals, test hotels, sample local wineries, explore scenic paths for future walking tours, and more, to ensure that every moment of your tour meets the SnackTrip standard.

Our team's main goal is to reduce uncertainties during your journey and provide you with a sense of confidence. We go beyond simply transporting you from point A to point B; our aim is to transform every trip into a memorable and vibrant journey.

Exclusively with us, you can create your own trip and enjoy a 10% discount.

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