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Useful tips from SnackTrip, together with Booking, Airbnb and Tripadvisor.


On this page you can find information that will help to create your personal trip.

Make it unforgettable, easy and enjoyable.

Buy tickets, find an accomodation.

To get information about the country, plan a trip and identify points of interest on the route.

How to choose a local SIM card and where to eat?

We do not advertise the campaigns below, we use their services ourselves.

And just like you, we appreciate the quality at an adequate price.

Planning a trip independently is easy and interesting.


We trust the accommodation of our guests Airbnb and

They know how to do it as well as we can organize your trips.


The Internet during the trip.

Today, this operator has the most interesting tariffs, at an adequate price. For example, 30 GB for 7 Eur. 

We’ll show where to buy a SIM card and how to activate.

shopping advice


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