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Your customized trip to Slovenia


Half day trips from Lake Bled.

Lake Bohinj and Savica waterfall. From Bled


Slovenia's largest lake is a picture of peace and serenity.

The nature is beautiful no matter the season. The lake is surrounded by extensive forests in which marvelous waterfalls and gorges hide, and above them you can ascend past wonderful alpine meadows up to fantastic viewpoint of Vogel. On clear days you can even see the peak of the mighty Triglav. If it is nature and alpine beauty you long for, then Bohinj is your number one choice!

Bohinj abounds unique natural beauties and spectacular landscapes.

     Near the Lake Bohinj is located the Savica Waterfall which is one of the largest and most beautiful Slovenian waterfalls, which astonishes and overwhelms us with its primeval energy.

The mighty Savica is a beauty in every weather.

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Postojna Cave & Predjama Castle.

Duration of travel appr. 5-6 h.

Predjama Castle

Many visitors say that the Predjama Castle in Slovenia is is unlike anything they have seen before.

It is almost impossible to get tired of the view at the Predjama Castle.

Its stories will make your imagination go wild. Over the course of time, the castle had many different owners and inhabitants. It is also known that many people were locked up, trailed and tortured here.

Documents certify that “Predjamski Grad”, which in Slovenian means “the castle in front of the cave”, was built about 13th century.

According to the legend, Erazem had taken over the Predjama castle in the late 15th century. He came into conflict with the Habsburg establishment, after he killed the commander of the imperial army in Vienna.

To escape the revenge of the Holy Roman Emperor Friderik III, he settled in the family fortress of Predjama. Furthermore, he began to attack Habsburg estates and towns.

By the siege of the Predjama Castle on emperor’s command, the soldiers expected that Erazem will be starved to death by the isolation from the outside world. But the magnificent cave systems beneath and behind the castle enabled Erazem to leave the castle and bring back all the supplies he needed. He was even teasing the soldiers, by sending them fresh meat and fruits.

However, everything changed when the soldiers managed to bribe one of Erazem’s servants to betray his master. The deal was that the servant had to inform the troops with a lit candle when Erazem ...

The final part of this story about a brave local hero, so you’ll get all the information during your visit to the castle.

USEFUL INFORMATION An audio guide details the site’s highlights and history, so you will get all the information about the Predjama Castle’s history.

  • 1 hour 20 minutes by car

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Magical lakes. Huge waterfall. Slovenia.Italy


The trip combines the best of the best on the sunny side of Alps.  Explore the Triglav National Park with us and discover gems such as Fusine Lakes, natural reserve Zelenci  and Lake Jasna, Waterfalls Perichnik. 

      Step 1. Fusine Lakes

 Near Italy’s Slovenian border  are located two beautiful glacial lakes. 

      It is such a peaceful, yet overwhelmingly beautiful setting. The colors of the lake’s water vary from sapphire to turquoise, clear and milky as the seasons and light change.

      Step 2. Zelenci

 Not far from Lake Bled lies the emerald green lake, from which numerous extremely clean and cold stream emerge, which gives the water its characteristic blue-green colour.

It is because of this colour that the lake and the swamp were named Zelenci (green).  Following a wooden footbridge, you can walk to the lake without harming nature. An unforgettable green experience.

      Step 3. Lake Jasna

Lake Jasna is an extraordinary beautiful small alpine lake. The views around the lake are very scenic.  Really a great place to spend a bit of time and enjoy incredible views.

       Take a beautiful picture with a stunning background, relax and recharge yourself in a pure peace of nature or simply admire the beautiful surrounding.

     Step 4. Waterfalls Perichnik.

Most beautiful and largest waterfall in Slovenia.
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Price per car. Car delivery, waiting, meeting, assistance with the luggage, a file with information about the route and purpose of travel - all this is included in the price.
During the trip we are your drivers, translators, route advisors.
Entrance fees, shopping, food are your personal expenses and not included in price.
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